Best Quiet Hand Dryers-Product Reviews and Buyers Guide


Hand washing is necessary in maintaining personal hygiene, and so, a good method of hand drying is vital. This can be done effectively with hand dryers.

Hand dryers are electric machines installed in toilets and bathrooms for public use. They are operated either with a button push or automatically, using an infrared sensor advanced technology.

For eatery, store and commercial establishment owners, offering paper towel to their customers may be wasteful, expensive and bad for the environment.

If you are still giving paper towel to your customers to dry their hands after washing them, then you need to check the quantity of paper used weekly or probably yearly to determine how much has been spent so far and how it affects the environment.

Purchasing a good hand dryer can save you extra cash and help reduce waste. They are designed to reduce environmental waste caused by paper towels and they need very little maintenance.

Top 5 Quiet Hand Dryers

Product Name Drying Time (seconds) Noise Level Rating (decibel)
Alpine Hazel 110V/120V Ultra Quiet Automatic Hand Dryer 15sec 60dB
Tek Motion Electric Automatic Power Hand Dryer 10-12sec 70dB
Stiebel Eltron Galaxy M1 Quiet Hand Dryer 20-30sec 53dB
0830 Nova 1 Automatic Hand Dryer 12sec 76dB
Palmer Fixture Ecostorm2 Recessed Hand Dryer 10-15sec 63.5dB


  1. Alpine Hazel 110V/120V Ultra Quiet, Automatic Hand Dryer-Best for Public Restrooms

This hand dryer has a beautiful white design and ABS polycarbonate exterior which makes cleaning easy. It has a wall template for wall mounting which makes installation easy and it can be plugged-in a wall socket or wired directly.


It dries a thoroughly wet pair of hands within 15seconds with its infrared sensor technology.

This advanced technology gives it an edge over many high-speed hand dryers.

The Alpine Hazel can save you thousands of dollars yearly if used in place of paper towels as the ultra-quiet motor it is made of uses minimal electricity.


It also provides 100% antibacterial and antimicrobial operation, ensures good hygienic condition and hand drying efficiency.



  • Equipped with wire cord for quick installation
  • Wattage of 2000w
  • 2300RPM brush motor
  • Amperage of 16amps
  • Voltage of 110V/60Hz



  • Has a low noise level
  • Blows less air but much heat to dry hands quickly
  • It’s not expensive, so it saves money
  • Has 1 year warranty


  • It’s bulky
  • Cord is too short


  1. Tek Motion Electric Automatic Bathroom Power Hand Dryer-Best for Public Use

The Tek Motion Electric Hand Dryer has a stainless steel cover, sleek design and it’s made from waterproof IPx1 which protect the product against rust and damage. It has a high-speed and can dry a pair of wet hands in less than 15seconds.

This hand dryer is environment-friendly and can help you save more money by eliminating the essence of paper towels and it uses minimal electricity.


  • Higher power equipped with a 1000watts motor blowing dry air at 100m/s
  • It’s durable
  • Promotes hygiene
  • Faster drying time of 10-12seconds
  • Quiet operation


  • Brushless stainless steel cover
  • Waterproof and rustproof
  • Has motion activation sensor for good hygiene
  • Has low noise level rating due to its nozzle attachment
  • Easily installed
  • Quick drying time of 10-12seconds due to its powerful 1800w motor


  • The motion sensor and vent are not perfectly angled so it may take 2 or more trials before it turns on.


  1. Stiebel Eltron Galaxy M1 Quiet Hand Dryer-Best for High Traffic locations


Another quiet hand dryer is the Stiebel Eltron Galaxy M1 Quiet Hand Dryer. It is made of brushed, durable aluminum with innovative insulation design.

It is a powerful product with fast drying time and its produced by one of the most trusted hand dryer manufacturers and quality, service is guaranteed for its price.

It has a light weight of 10pounds and uses a brushless motor which produces 53dB of sound  when in operation. This device uses infrared sensor and can be mounted on walls or vertical surface. It is also durable due to its brushless motor and it’s used at high traffic locations.

Stiebel Eltron Galaxy M1 Quiet Hand Dryer dries the hand quickly and efficiently with a drying time of 20-30seconds. Its rugged construction, elegant and modern design makes installation easy. It saves energy, minimizes electricity usage by using an infrared type proximity sensor which turns the device on and off automatically as hands are sensed.


  • Aluminum alloy casing
  • Automatic on/off
  • Infrared sensor operation
  • Reduces cost
  • Voltage of 120volts
  • Wattage of 1850watts
  • Amperage capacity of 15A
  • 5-years warranty


  • Low noise level
  • Easy installation
  • Quick hand drying
  • Low power consumption
  • 5-years warranty
  • Infrared sensor advanced technology


  • Cannot be plugged into a wall socket, can only be wired directly.


  1. 0830 Nova 1 Automatic Hand Dryer-Suitable for light traffic and quiet locations

With 0830 Nova 1 Automatic Hand Dryer, your search for a quiet, powerful, affordable hand dryer is over.

This product has a quick drying time of 12seconds due to its thermally protected, brush type 7500RPM motor and in-built heating element. With its energy efficient design, it’s able to save energy with the infrared sensor advanced technology and it’s controlled by a microprocessor which allows multi-voltage selection of 100VAC to 240VAC and 50Hz/60Hz frequency.

Nova 1 is surface-mounted and can be hard-wired to a circuitry or plugged into a standard socket. Its ultra-compact design fits smaller spaces.


  • White Aluminum casing
  • Thermally protected motor, tamper resistant screws
  • ADA compliant
  • Low sound level of 76dB
  • Universal voltage compatibility of 100VAC to 240VAC
  • Automatic activation
  • Frequency of 50Hz to 60Hz


  • Suitable for light traffic locations and quiet places
  • Low sound level
  • Thermally protected motor, tamper resistant screws
  • Competitive pricing, great value
  • Automatic operation


  • It protrudes up to 4inches from the surface after mounting.


  1. Palmer Fixture Ecostorm2 Recessed Hand Dryer-Best for Private/Public use

Another high-speed hand dryer is the Palmer Fixture Ecostorm2 Recessed Hand Dryer with a stainless steel exterior design and weight of 19pounds.

It can blend into any environment and is mounted on walls or flat vertical surfaces. This device has a high-powered electric motor and uses infrared sensor to detect when hands are placed underneath and automatically shuts off when the hand is taken away.

Palmer Fixture Hand Dryer can dry a thoroughly wet pair of hands within 10 to 15seconds, has a noise rating of 63.5dB and it’s one of the quietest hand dryers.

Though its installation is simple, it must be installed by a certified personnel. It uses energy efficiently by consuming only 1000watts of power and blast out air at 200-miles per hour. This device is ADA compliant and it is different from other hand dryers because of its recessed design.


  • Has brush motor
  • Stainless steel body
  • Voltage of 110V/120V
  • Automatically operated
  • Amperage of 8.4A
  • Saves energy efficiently
  • Wattage of 1000watts
  • ADA complaint


  • Operated automatically
  • Made of quality stainless steel materials
  • Saves more energy
  • Has automatic shutting-off feature
  • Easily installed
  • Inexpensive


  • We tried to find out the demerits of this product, but couldn’t. It is just perfect.

Things to Consider before Buying Quiet Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are manufactured in different sizes, shapes and performance, and they have diverse functions, price and mode of operation. To pick the appropriate one for your private or public use, there are basic factors you should know as nobody wants to spend money on a device that’s not up to expectation.

As the popularity of hand dryers increases everyday thereby eliminating the possible use of paper towels, different brands of these products are manufactured everyday, and they come with features that makes them tend to be better than others.

Such factors to consider before buying a Quiet Hand Dryer include:


Noise level rating of a quiet hand dryer is vital when making purchase. Although, every hand dryer makes sound while in operation, the ones with noise reduction nozzle offers less noise than the others. Hand dryers with noise reduction nozzle has a very reduced noise level though the noise will not be silenced completely.

Machines of this nature, designed to blow out hot air are usually loud for this reason, if you are installing this product in a quiet and peaceful environment, then go for a quieter model but have in mind that some of these automatic hand dryers which are the newest hand dryers are more costlier than the others, but they use variable motor speed.

Drying Time

The speed of a typical hand dryer is important when making purchase, especially if you want to place it in a public place. Most people prefer to go in and out of public bathrooms immediately, without spending much time there. Some hand dryers can dry the hands quickly within few seconds without producing too much noise.

In this case, be sure that the hand dryer you are purchasing has a fast drying time and produces less noise.

Speed and power of a hand dryer are related to each other such that, any hand dryer that has more power will offer more speed and the more speed the product has, the lesser the drying time. Most of the newest hand dryers presently offers less than 12seconds drying time.

Activation Method

There are different kinds of hand dryers which are effective but different in their mode of operation. Some can be activated by a button push while others use an infrared sensor advanced technology to detect and automatically trip on/off when the hand is placed underneath or removed.

Those with button push are inexpensive but they can transfer bacteria and microorganisms from one person to the other through the button and the ones that uses advanced technology are quite expensive but gives you value for your money.

Advanced technology infrared sensors hand dryers that turn the device on/off may be considered to be more hygiene but the push button is still preferred by others.


It may be so annoying and frustrating to realize that the product you recently purchased is inferior and probably stops working before the warranty period elapses. Nobody wants to experience that.

When purchasing a hand dryer, consider the material used for its manufacture, durability and finishing. Products made from superior quality materials will definitely last longer than inferior ones.


Although hand dryers are expensive, if you purchase a good one, you’ll certainly get what you pay for. That’s why it is good to know the factors to look out for before buying that hand dryer so that you’ll not make the mistake of spending money on the worst option.

Our Final Review

Those are the major factors you should consider before purchasing any hand dryer. Paper towels can also be used to dry the hands, but it litters the environment and it’s costly.

From this list, you’ll be able to know which one is best for you depending on its purpose.

Your deciding factors should be based on durability, drying time, noise level rating and the price.

From our Top 5 Quiet Hand Dryers above, which of them is best for you? Share your opinion/experience with us in the comment section below.

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