Custom Guidelines for Maldives

Foreign Travel Vessels

Outward Clearance

All vessels, (except diplomatically cleared), must notify Customs the intended departure time at least 24 hours in advance of departure.

The Departure Permit (Port Clearance Certificate) can be obtained by producing the following documents at least 1 hour in advance of departure time.

  • Departure Declaration
  • Lists of Crew and Passengers endorsed by Port Health, Dept of Immigration & Emigration and Maldives Port Authority.
  • Security Check Form from Coast Guard
  • If carrying cargo, the Cargo Manifest endorsed by Customs
  • Approval from Ministry of Defence and National Security (for Outward Clearance in the Atolls).

In atolls and islands where there is no Customs Unit established, Outward Clearance will be granted by Customs Officers on regional duty or through Atoll Offices.

Local Agents

Local agents appointed for ships and yachts must be business concerns registered with Ministry of Trade and Industries.

The following documents are required in order to register as Agents with Customs.

  • Letter of application undertaking full responsibility for the vessels under their charge.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association (handling of vessels should be a specified operational activity of the business concern)

To change the designated agent of vessels, the following documents are required by Customs.

  • Letter of request to change the agent
  • Letters of concurrence from the current agent and the new agent.

Inward Clearance

All vessels calling in the ports of Maldives are required to have

  • an appointed agent in Male’. If not, Customs must be informed on VHF channel 16 accordingly and appoint an agent within 72 hours of arrival.
  • Custom’s Inward Clearance (except for those under diplomatic immunity), will be granted after approval has been obtained by the agent, from:
    • Coast Guard
    • Port Health, Department of Public Health
    • Department of Immigration and Emigration

To obtain Inward Clearance, the captain or skipper of the vessel must produce the following documents to the Customs Officer boarding the vessel.

  • Arrival Declaration Form
  • Original Outward Clearance from the previous port
  • Lists of Crew and Passengers
  • Crew Declaration
  • Inward Manifest

In atolls and islands where there is no Customs Unit established, Inward Clearance will be granted by Customs Officers on regional duty or through Atoll Offices.

If the first Port of Arrival is an island other than Male’, the agent must obtain approval from Ministry of Defence and National Security.

Embarking and Disembarking

Embarking on and disembarking from vessels are permitted only after the Inward Clearance has been granted and may be carried out only in areas permitted by Customs.

Visit to Male’ Atoll resorts

Yachts intending to visit Male’ atoll resort harbours are required to obtain permission only from Customs.

Visit to other Atolls

For vessels wanting to visit atolls other than Male’, the Inter Atoll Travelling Permit (IATP) is required, and can be obtained from Customs by producing the following documents.

  • Declaration for Inter Atoll
  • Travelling Permit (from Customs Harbour Section)
  • Lists of Crew and Passengers
  • Permits from:
    • Ministry of Defence and National Security
    • Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation

Upon return to Male’ from the atolls, the IATP must be handed over to Customs.

When required to move a vessel from one local harbour to another, a written request explaining the need must be filed with Customs.

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